Lucia Oreb Cvjetovic. I am a qualified fashion designer, business entrepreneur and House of Fertility Director who battled with infertility for a period of five years. Unable to conceive naturally, due to medical reasons, the only way we were able to conceive was through a Surrogate. Our journey lead us on a road that we never thought we would ever travel on. Finally after those five extremely emotional years on the 23.11.2016 our miracle twin girls Noa & Luna were born to our many tears, smiles, relief and exhilaration.

Michelle Groenewald. I worked in the advertising industry as an Art Director for 15 years before moving into hospitality. During the 12 years as an owner of a successful restaurant, I gained an understanding of the intricacies of working with people from diverse backgrounds and a multitude of life experiences. Whilst I fell pregnant in a very short space of time with our first child, Gia, I struggled with secondary infertility for four years before falling pregnant naturally with our son Tyler. I am an SA Certified Perinatal Bereavement Worker and House of Fertility Director.

On the 10 October 2018, House of Fertility was born, making us proud to welcome you all into our home.